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We feel the measure of a buck rests in his ability to produce well not only in his own genetic pool, but also in the outcross situation. At High Wide and Heavy Whitetails, we have a strategic system in place to determine the best breeding combinations, whether it be natural breeding or artificial insemination. The genetics in our breeding pens are 90-95% Northern. We have established that Northern deer survive and flourish in our Texas climate. This fact is proven by the five generations of Northern deer that live on our farm.

From a genetic standpoint, we look for dominant genetics in a number of ways. When evaluating a potential buck, we look not only at antler size and offspring, but also pedigree and his ability to produce across a wide array of bloodlines. It is very hard to justify getting excited about the new "buck of the day" because these bucks generally do not have a proven track record. Without observing offspring, it is impossible to evaluate the level of dominance that a buck possesses in his genetics. Picking through dominant genetics can be a difficult task, which is why High Wide and Heavy has selectively chosen from bucks that are established as dominant producers. We have found that by integrating these genetics into our breeding program, we are able to produce the HIGH, WIDE, and HEAVY look that is our namesake. This methodology will prevent the disappointment many breeders have experienced when they breed to a large buck with few dominant traits.


In the beginning, we asked ourselves "Why does every giant buck not produce giant offspring?" The answer is lack of dominant genetics.

–Greg Almond